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Archives - October 2017


If your furnace shuts down unexpectedly………it may not need a service call

    If you dont change the filter regularly your furnace needs to work harder to circulate the heated air in your home.  A dirty filter can eventually cut the airflow and turn the furnace off.  The furnace filter should be checked every 1-3 months. Keep your supply air vents open to prevent furnace breakdowns.   …


Great Reasons to Get an Energy Audit for Your Home in Texas

    Home energy audits include the complete evaluation of your home when it comes to its energy efficiency. Did you know that getting an energy efficiency check-up could tell you a lot more about your home than simply where you are leaking energy? To the untrained eye, rising utility bills, worsening allergies, or poor …


Inspection time for your A/C Unit

When our technicians go out on service calls, one of the common questions asked is when should I have my HVAC maintenance service. The answer is twice a year. One visit for air conditioning and one visit for heating. You should have both checked before you need to use them. Preferably early spring and early …