3 12, 2018

Why isn’t my furnace keeping up with the cold?

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Winter in the North Texas Area this year has gotten off to a cold start.  If the cold has hit your home hard and your furnace just isn’t producing enough heat to keep up with the cold days of winter, don’t panic. Here are some reasons why your furnace system might not [...]

27 11, 2018

How to Prepare Your Furnace for the Winter

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Winter is when your furnace works the hardest. It’s also the time when you most need the warmth it provides in your house. In order to avoid an unpleasant surprise just when temperatures are dropping, take the following steps now to prepare your furnace for the winter. 1. Check and Change Your [...]

11 11, 2018

When should I replace my heating or air conditioning system? Get Rating Here!!

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Certain telltale signs indicate it’s time to consider replacing heating and cooling equipment, or improving the performance of your overall system. It may be time to call a professional contractor to help you make a change if: Your heat pump or air conditioner is more than 10 years old. Consider replacing it [...]

25 10, 2018

Awful Smells which You Shouldn’t Ignore

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A home is a temple to live a comfortable life and any type of stinky smells spoiling its purity would surely not be acceptable by any of the house members at any cost. Though, you could take measures using candles and air fresheners to neutralize the effects of the smells, but these [...]

16 10, 2018


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Heating and cooling your home is responsible for about 43% of your monthly utility bill (and that’s assuming everything is working properly). In order to ensure that you’re not spending a small and unnecessary fortune on your HVAC systems, you should focus on properly winterizing them in the fall. Not only will [...]

6 10, 2018


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Air conditioning maintenance as a whole is something that should be left to the professionals. Only a licensed and trained HVAC technician can accurately inspect, clean, and service an air conditioner in such a way that will leave it functioning well for the years to come. Maintenance will help your system maintain [...]

23 09, 2018

How is your home comfort system performing?

2018-09-23T22:23:09+00:00September 23rd, 2018|AC Facts|

Do you feel like you have to constantly adjust your thermostat to stay comfortable? Does your air conditioner or furnace make noises when it starts up? Does your air feel stuffy or damp? If any of these issues are getting in the way of your home comfort, it may be time to [...]

14 09, 2018

HVAC Energy Guide For Texas

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Some interesting / Factual information we would like to share with you.   Efficiency standards for all heating and cooling units manufactured in the U.S. are governed by the Department of Energy. Since as much as half of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling,* it helps to [...]