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Keep Your Energy Costs Down This Summer

When the mercury creeps higher it's natural to want to ratchet up the air conditioner. But that's not always the most economic or eco-sensitive solution. Believe it or not, making a few simple changes can pay off with a cool house and a lower bill. Thermostat Settings An air conditioner set at [...]

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Tips To Know Before Repairing Your Air Conditioner

Diving into some of the top troubleshooting tips and advice you should look into before calling a professional and repairing your air conditioner. There’s nothing like a pleasant, climate-controlled, air-conditioned room in the heart of the heat of the summer. If yours stops working or is beginning to struggle, it’s a nightmare, [...]

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Can Air Conditioner’s Spread COVID-19?

Many myths are surrounding the spread of COVID-19! No need to worry; Allpro AC units do not help spread COVID-19. A recent study from China suggested that an AC unit may have helped spread the restaurant’s virus. But not to worry, the experts say otherwise. Within Texas, the use of an AC [...]

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2 Ways to Take Control Of AC Efficiency

Are you one of those people who like to take matters into your own hands? While you may not be able to fix everything in an HVAC system without professional assistance, there is plenty you can do to improve the efficiency of the AC in your Waco, Texas area home. You can [...]

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Save on Your Air Conditioning Costs in Spring and Summer

Spring is here and summer is right around the corner, and, believe it or not, the days of lemonade on the porch are here soon. After this winter the heat will be a welcome change, but how do you keep your home from getting too hot, and your energy bills from becoming too costly? There are [...]

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How Does a Programmable Thermostat Help You Save Money

Manual thermostats require adjustment every time you want to change the environment inside your home. While there is nothing wrong with this method of temperature control, it can make using your HVAC system efficiently both difficult and inconvenient. Fortunately, there is a better option available—programmable thermostats allow for greater automation of the [...]

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What Are the Most Efficient Ways to Cool a Home?

Efficiency is a concern for most of us, especially during the air conditioning season. An inefficient cooling system will not be able to provide the necessary cooling output for a reasonable price, which is problematic if you live in an area with temperatures already in the high 80°s early in the spring. [...]

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How is your home comfort system performing?

Do you feel like you have to constantly adjust your thermostat to stay comfortable? Does your air conditioner or furnace make noises when it starts up? Does your air feel stuffy or damp? If any of these issues are getting in the way of your home comfort, it may be time to [...]

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Attic Insulation Is Important In Texas

No matter what time of year it is, you want your HVAC system to keep your home at the temperature you desire as efficiently as possible. However, if your home’s attic insulation isn’t done right, you’re not likely to ever achieve that goal. Insulation acts as a buffer between your home and the temperature [...]

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